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A Blog for anyone who is passionate about discovering fresh insights, strategies and training that works in content marketing to Increase blog traffic, build authority links and boost sales, and for those who want to excel in this fast-growing online world.

What You Will Learn

• How to promote content?

• How to increase website traffic?

• How to get authority links?

• Content marketing training step by step.

Tactics Play is here to help businesses reach your ideal targeted audience through effective content marketing and to maximize your organic search growth.

How Tactics Play Helps You Increase Blog Traffic

The key to a successful content promotion campaign lies in only reaching out to the right people.

Most of the companies fail at promoting content. They think their job is done by creating a content, writing an article and sharing it on social channels and wait for traffic and conversions to come in. This doesn’t work.

This is where the Tactics Play comes in.

The Tactics Play keeps you focused on your content marketing goals by researching and analyzing what matters most. It helps you understand your audience better and to promote content that drives your business growth.

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About Harish Reddy


Tactics Play is founded by Harish Reddy, a Digital Marketing Specialist based in Bengaluru, India. Find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. See ya around on the internet!

My main goal is to help you get found online & grow your business.

I’ve been working in the field of digital marketing for more than five years of hands-on experience in both agency and in-house.

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I wear many hats, and I’ve involved in managing sites to promote content, increase a website’s organic search growth, driving more traffic and thereby increasing revenue in different niches. That has helped me gain a great wealth of knowledge in content marketing, and distribution.

Tactics Play is the one-stop destination for all your content marketing needs.

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